domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Comencem/ First Try

Doncs aquí comencem, sempre m'han agradat les miniatures, però no m'havia animat mai a fer-ne. Fa un parell de mesos vaig treure el fimo i diversos trastos més i em vaig posar mans a l'obra.

Vaig estar xafardejant mil blogs sobre manualitats i vaig trobar-me amb moltes artistes que fan unes coses increïbles!

Bé, doncs ahir va nèixer la primera nina que no està del tot malament (les altres eren totes massa altes per l'escala). Us la presento, es diu Griselda i es una bruixa climàtica (ja sabeu, tempestes i aquestes coses)...

El nas m'ha sortit una mica massa gran...

En fi, la meva 1 nina potable...


First of all, sorry for my english, here i'll try and post all the minis I'm making, and my way in this new world. I always loved to craft, but never went so far as making miniature things. I did some miniatures un the past, mainly books and wands, but never a doll (cloth ones didn't count).
So 2 months ago I got to work and began to make dolls, the first 4 ones were to big to be in scale, and then work and real life got in the way...
Yesterday Griselda was born... she's the first one that is ok with the scale and didn't turn too bad, so here she is!

She's a climatic witch (yo know, tempest and rain and these kind of things). Her nose is too big, but I like her!

11 comentarios:

  1. Me encantan las escenas de brujas y tu brujita esta genial!!!!
    Es muy dificil modelar personajes y has conseguido un brujita con mucha personalidad.
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias... la nariz me tira un poco para atrás pero bueno XDDD tengo que practicar más!

  3. Es muy bonita y te ha salido genial!!!
    Enhorabuena por tu blog y por tus trabajos que seguiré de cerca.
    Un beso,

  4. Pues has conseguido lo mas dificil... empezar, crearla y que tenga su propia personalidad¡¡¡

    Me encanta la mirada.

    Un beso


  5. Muchas gracias a todas!
    Me queda muchisimo añun por aprender, eso es lo divertido, además tengo muchisimas más ganas de hacer cosas XDD

  6. I love her!

    There is NO reason to apologise for your English, and thank you so much for posting in it - I always think that bloggers who post in two languages have to do so much more work. I do appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do also :)

  7. Thanks Norma for your kinds words:)

  8. I think your Griselda is perfect
    Are you sure she isn't Tessie's Sister from

  9. Ouch nop, Casey is a professional, I'm only a beginner... I admire her work (as I admire Nikki and Debbie and many others) so is really a compliment for me! But I have a looong way to go XD

  10. She is Sweet! I, too am trying to start making dollhouse scale dolls - they haven't made it to my blog yet ...but maybe soon! Thank you for joining my blog when I was just starting in April! It is an amazing world!